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our love exists at gunpoint,
an eruption of adrenaline and cold sweat
with each cock of your pistol
I fall deeper and deeper in love;
you stand, pulling me closer
like the moon beckons
its earthly tides from miles
and miles above the sky
and ever, ever so gently,
you push me, you push me away

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4 comments on Moonlight Serenade

You surely took careful aim and pierced an old Commodore's heart through with this tiny-but-devastating musket ball of mixwork. An acomplishment made no less notable by the fact that our heart is kept under the bed, in a box, packed with salt! How did you find it so to exercise your musical marksmanship thus?

Every time you comment, it feels like I am falling in love. Thank you for sporadically and so graciously brightening my day. Why, my dearest Commodore, it was you who ushered me into the musical world of steampunk. I owe you my timeless allegiance and gratitude.