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Mushroom Picking


brush away the resting faerie
on the bright red cap, watch as
its wings gently flutter
and glisten like stars--watch,
as the creatures of magic dart
across the mossy rug,
unsettling the forest dew

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8 comments on Mushroom Picking

I've been trying to find a playlist like this all day! Something magical and Harry potter-esque. Thank you for compiling this :)

Wow, I don't know how it works exactly, but apparently there are musical "codes" for fairies. Listening to this put me in mind of nothing else, even before I read your description. Great mix!

There are, indeed! As I understand it, faerie music is somewhat whimsical, bouncy, at times dark, insinuatingly mysterious. And thanks!! :D

It's taken me about a year to finally create an account to tell you how remarkable your playlists are. Now that I have created an account, I can move my entire collection of bookmarked songs onto my favorites on 8tracks. If anything, just know that I really admire and appreciate your taste in music. Also your compositions are stunning. I always find myself wandering to one of your playlists, old or new, to use in any situation. Thank you.