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our existence is but a
tiny temporal dust
floating in the river of time
in which stars have breathed
their first and their last;

we belong to a single heartbeat
an endless cosmic dream
that we attempt to measure
with lifetimes—and we fail
for it is a dream too vast,
and too deep to be real

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and one more thanks for A Step-by-Step Guide! I've read it with a pleasure. true words about Friday! it's a big temptation to publish your mix on this day, but it's really a bad idea... @Saturday is slightly better, but it seems to have less traffic as well because it is the day after Friday, and people are drunk...this is amazing and useful introduction to all freshers on 8tracks!

this is one of the most your chilling mixes! perfect for these dark days and great background for reading as well. very impressive! many many thanks for this sleepy universe.