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Plumbers are red; hedgehogs are blue


"Plumbers are red
Hedgehogs are blue
Press Start to join,
and be my Player Two."
--author unknown

Another video game mix--this time, it's more chill, atmospheric, and quiet with beautiful sounds of piano and orchestrations.

And check out my other game mix if you have time. :)

17 tracks
8 comments on Plumbers are red; hedgehogs are blue

I listen to this mix pretty frequently, I ... I just always feel shivers when the first song starts, I've never played mass effect, but I listened to many songs from the game, and I feel the gam's universes through those songs. If I don't play that game, my life would probably be uncomplete.

And thank you, not just for this mix, but for all the others, what you're doing is just...Waw !

I don't usually right comments on mixes even though I favorite them. But I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your mix. It's so chill that there's not really a single track that I want to skip. And because each track is so unique I don't get bored of listening to the mix over and over again. Thank you very much.