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She fights because she chooses to.
17 tracks of upbeat music, rock, instrumentals and pop...with its self-explanatory dynamics. A story and a narrative of a warrior princess. Enjoy.

Note: For some reason some of the tracks in this mix are lost. :( Right now there's only 14 tracks and I can't remember what other songs I put into this mix in the first place. D: And the sequence is so incredibly important...gaaaah, why you do this to me, 8tracks? T_T

9 tracks
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So I just found this site today, the good thing is I'm finding a lot of good music, but the down side is I'm getting as little work done as when I let myself get stuck on Reddit all day. Btw, I really like a lot of your mixes. I like that you use a lot of stuff from soundtracks, I feel like they are great and really make or break a movie or tv show.