53 comments on The Fifth Stage of Studying: Momentously Heroic by kimtsan

This is just about giving me the last bit of motivation I need for to cram for my psychology exam, thank you!

And I have to add (because I just got to it) I am so unbelievably happy that you included The Battle, it's one of my favourite pieces of film music ever and it made my night

You are the only one who actually plays Final Fantasy music, and that's why I always come back to you :) Arigato gosaimasu :)

pacific rim, star trek reboot, and the duel of qui-gon jinn in only the FIRST THREE TRACKS i can't wait for the rest of the mix. I started conducting in the middle of a crowded coffee shop and didn't even care.

i notice that in each mix the one who made them has something to say and i'd like to say apart from the music i like what you just said up there, Kimtsan, about heroism being found in those final moments of studying--that is one of the most inspiring things i have read in a long time---Thank you-
P.S. long live epic music! :)