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The Hound

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I love Sandor Clagane and this mix is awesome, it's perfect for him. Sure I'm gonna listen to this a lot of times and get myself lost in Clegane's feelings.

I am shivering, is that expected?
The tune is so intense, it urges a feeling of unease inside.
Very strong, I am getting fond of this with every passing moment.
My last selection was @IDRIL's tavern mix, so after such a varying transformation from basically soft instrumentals to this war mix, I am finding myself in a state of complete awe.
Thank You very much!
Made my day.

Oh yes, you should be shivering. :P The Hound is a character that inspires intensity and unease. There's a softer side to him, too, if you listen to the very end.

I don't like him though, am on my third book, may be in the coming ahead.
And yes I enjoyed your work throughout as it is playing for hours since. :)

Even a dog gets tired of being kicked.

At first I was applauding how you made a really hard-bitten epic music collection for such a badass character..Then I realised this wasn't just an ordinary battle mix but how much thought you've clearly put into tailoring it to Sandor Clegane. I think you have even thought about his relationship with the little bird and the little wolf bitch too...You've actually made me appreciate the tragedy, ambiguity and realism of his character more than ever.

I'm so glad you noticed! Sandor Clegane is my favourite character in GOT. He's so rugged, dark, violent--yet there's this vulnerability to him, and an unexpected tenderness. He's a "killer", but in a time of war and insurrection, everyone is a killer...ahh, I just love him so much.

Yes! He is so believable as a man without any pretence to heroism and yet without the hollowness of evil either.