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Wolves of the North


For the House of Stark: once a family and many times broken. The Starks have loved, hated, erred and struggled; have fought with everything they have to keep each other together. Some will no longer see the rise of day, but some have days ahead of them, have yet to discover their fates.

19 tracks
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No kidding. I was heartbroken by Robb's death, but I still love the fact that in the world of GOT, it's not absolute evil vs absolute good like LOTR--every character has his/her own history, motivations and compelxities. And I think it's realistic in a way that they have to encounter the consequences of war.

I love the WoW tracks in here (Elwynn Forest always makes me feel so happy and nostalgic) and that track from the Witcher 2 is brilliant. Great work. Long live House Stark!