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Another Movie Soundtrack Study Mix.


59 tracks for studying, reading or just relaxing. Including music from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and How To Train Your Dragon. Starting with a motivating song to get you going.

51 tracks
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I've searched so much for a playlist like this!!! Thank you so much for compilating all of these wonderful film scores! Amazing job :)

Pretty sure I'm responsible for about 500 of these listens! This was the very first soundtrack study playlist I used and, over three years later, I still use it. This made me start of a collection of similar playlists for essay-writing, but this is my absolute favourite. I genuinely find it the most motivating and the best to write with. I'm sure I'll play it at least another 500 times before I finish my Masters and PhD! Love the new playlist picture too.

I don't know if I've already left a comment, but this playlist is simply PERFECTION!!!! Especially I'll Make A Man Out Of Her (i practically worship the Mulan movie). It gives me goosebumps and almost makes me tear up because it's such a motivation and beautiful song, yet it's extremely upbeat and makes me want to put my all into studying.

I LOVE HOW THE BLACK PEARL TRANSFORMS TO HE'S A PIRATE!!!!!! oh gosh life made and maths made. thank you for this song and this mix overall, my precious ♥