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we're still sleeping like we're lovers


it starts with a realization. you are understandably angry. the rage seems to ooze from your heart, leaking out the cracks that i had caused. we become volatile, alternating between spiteful jabs and stony silences. but when the hate dissipated, all that was left for you to feel was grief. to this day i am still able to pin point the exact moment you broke. from that point on being around you, hearing your whimpers in the dead of night, filled me with guilt. the shame burned in my chest and i fully came to the realization of what i had done. you were so far away, and it was my fault. i had pushed and pushed, until the distance between the two of us felt like miles. it was only then, only when you became painfully unattainable, that it struck me--
i still loved you.

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