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1540 KZAM - Modern Mono!


1540, 1540. Rock of the 80's. Modern music, modern mono. K - Z - A - M !!!

If that makes sense to you, you'll love this mix.

Stephen Rabow, beware!

27 tracks
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@kentis Hmmm.... maybe I can't post a link. Let me know if you received a link to the Internet Archive. I posted the last 80 minutes of KZAM there last week.

@kindnessandy Also SHS class of 81. Don't think we ever crossed paths though. Yes, I got the link and am listening to it now, thanks!

@kentis Odd we'd not know each other and be in the same class and KZAM fans. I used to hang out a bit at the station. Here's another link that may hold some interest for you. v