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a great year for 'em...


Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé... c'est le temps que tu as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante...

Twenty-eight tracks including music by A Perfect Circle, Abbey Lincoln, and Alison Krauss/Robert Plant.

28 tracks
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Ahhh Perfect Circle's Rose, fantastique... I still remember when I first bought Mer de Noms I listened to it three times and just didn't quite 'feel' it, but for some reason I had to keep listening, and I did for the whole day...and by nighttime it was one of my favourite albums. Such unique melodies.

It's an album that I appreciate more now than when it first came out... and one I'm so glad I came back to; I love it when perseverance pays off like that.

heeey, thanks very much for checkin it out, you're right, this was a fun one to make - i was surprised that i had such a massive bunch of roses to pick from :)
oh, and, in case you're interested, the quotes are from the fennec in Le Petit Prince.

'Tis in deed! I've got one up called "Gliched Out" with some art. Are you in a Glitchy mood? And if you think of a better name feel free to recommend! And I think i have your email, so if you want to collab over IM/Gchat, that works, too. =)