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the curse of the drinkin' classes...

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Dela & Q-Tip = yes. Capt followed by Modest even more YES. now if only I could find that muhfuggin CCATS number...ah funk it - Imma make something up.

send whatever government agency that's gonna kick your ass for that my way, k? i'll explain... i'll explain 'em real good :)

I really needed this one today. You brought my heavy heart to a much much better place. Also that Heralds track is fooqin delicious. Thank you Mme Gilded Thumb. both of you.

I am going to work on this mix as it already sounds far better than the NAFTA documentation I should be completing...

very glad you think so! that track was a bit... jarring for me too just now, but i leave it in with a great big 'so bloody what!'... 'cause it sure as hell ain't the only out of place choon here!