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Spaceship to Nowhere

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Kebu - To Jupiter and Back
Ernesto - Artificial Intelligence
Lazerhawk Visitors - Disco Planet
Screen Vinyl Image - Night Trip
Mitch Murder - Frantic Aerobics
Futurecop! - John Hughes (Teenage Love)
Heavy Strife - Skulking Blonde
Miami Nights 1984 - On the Run
Galactic Warriors - Trans Electroniqe
Static Movement - Visionary Landscapes
John Foxx and The Maths - Tides
Soft Metals - Implanted Visions
Pearl Fiction - Strangulated
Femminielli - Vortex Sexuel Carte Blanche Aux Desirs
Hipnosis - End Title (Blade Runner)
Solid World - If I Was The Sun
Solid Space - Tenth Planet
Stellar OM Source - Island Best