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in case of suicide, break glass


alternate title: "i guess i never did use those craft supplies"

a way to say what i want to say without having to say a damn thing.

art by notmusa

19 tracks
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i cried a lot while listening to this. it hits hard in a lot of places and i can tell how much care you really put into this wonderful mix. thank you for making it

@haleypansy I think this playlist took me the longest to make. it was intended to be a 'just in case' suicide note, so i really took my time with it.

r u on tumblr or anything? ik playlists aren't really "art" but yours captured so much personality I'd love to follow u on social media :0 (sorry if im bein a creep i ;;; love playlists so much & ur knocked my socks off)

wow. by far the best playlist I've ever heard. love everything from the notmusa cover art to niel hilborn at the end.

@prinx that means a lot. this playlist is very important to me and i put a lot of effort into it. i actually only added the niel hilborn at the end about a week ago. i thought it needed a more cathartic ending to fit its purpose.