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While they've been busy trying to keep the peace, he's been building up his kingdom, one stone at a time. Stories of the other Kings are known by the world, but the world should be more afraid of who they don't know. And who they don't know is him.
( ART BY MALLIUS. more info on gavin in this verse @˟VERSE ▀..❜♔ ! LEGEND OF KINGS )

20 tracks
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This is absolutely amazing. The songs suit the descriptions and characters so perfectly you can see them in action. I haven't heard a playlist as perfect and beautiful as this in ever. Well done.

@Okatte Oh, wow. Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that. I spent a lot of time listening to songs and finding ones I thought would fit Gavin best in this AU. I'm glad that the atmosphere was set well enough. :)