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Ryan Haywood. Easily the most dangerous and volatile of the entire group. With both brains and brawn, Ryan will be the one to outsmart and outgun you, but he'll take his sweet time doing so just to watch you squirm. Geoff Ramsey recruited the man himself, but while he's loyal to the family, it's been said that if there's enough in it for him he might just point the gun at Father's head...

(art by mallius)

14 tracks
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Oh man i'm writing a gangster fic to these playlists and i have to say that some of these tracks come on and make my mouth physically fall open and switch tabs like god damn that's good

@Deadlinkz To be honest, I'm not sure. The artist wasn't listed. I went looking for the artist name but I could never find it, there are just so many covers of the song out there after about the tenth cover I listened to I got tired of looking, lmao. I'd be happy to send you the song file if you'd like it, though!