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oh, give me the words


in a manner of speaking, semantics won't do
in this life that we live we only make do
and the way that we feel might have to be sacrificed

This is a Kankri Vantas fanmix for kintracks. I saw that there was a paucity of serious fanmixes for Kankri- most of them are extended jokes or super shippy- so I made one.

My taste in music is hopelessly, relentlessly '80s. I hope you like it.

cw for extensive Christian religious metaphor, parental mentions, and a hell of a lot of depressing music; if that stuff isn't your cuppa, you might want to steer clear.

[ Edited when placed onto this account: got rid of some of the more triggering references, shuffled the order around a bit. It's a bit more sadstucky now.]

18 tracks