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Wait, dear wanderer

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Such dreamy pieces! I was taken away, far away amongst faeries sitting on toadstools, in a tremendously green and flowery forest! Two thumbs up for a well put together mix of celtic masterpieces!!

@dragonflyparty I@dragonflyparty I really glad you feel it that way! I love listening songs like these when I falling asleep. Dreaming about better lands. Or when feel a little blue...Like I said, respite for the tormented soul. Always works. Allmost. Thank you for kind comment, you make me smile! (I'm sorry for my poor English)

@kirania-0 you're most welcome ;) Music like this definitely transports you out of this world and into a better one (not that this one is bad, but it could be better). I'll be listening to this wonderful mix a lot. Don't worry about your English, it's quite good ;)