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Kiran's 80's Acid House Mixtape 1


Acid House arose in the mid 80's from the Chicago house scene. Its signature harsh squelching sounds comes from the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. By the late 80's it was exported to London where it became the dominant club music in the UK and spread to the world. This mix runs approximately 45 minutes.

8 tracks
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's see. Once I make a list of what I want in one of my mixes, then I hunt down the single / album (if I don't own it already). Or I make calls to see if someone owns it or can acquire a rip for me - or from someone else's record collection. I am in contact with many musicians myself (or someone I know does) and can get some recordings right from them. Most of the old schoolers are pretty cool about doing that, but oddly they don't keep their own work if it's from the 70s / 80s - they usually point me to a friend who has to hunt down a copy. I confess that I also scour the internet for rips if but often the mix/versions are mislabeled - which is frustrating. I use 8tracks because they actually try to pay the artist royalties per play, which is important to me.

nice info. i was a tad bit too young at the time but i always loved the 80's acid style, pretty sure there still are loads of great tracks from that era i haven't heard yet. would LOVE to start making my own acid, oldschool 303 lines with nice complex beats with a lot of breaks and variations like the ones from Extrawelt is what I got in mind. this style should never die. anyway, thanx alot for this, very inspiring

I love it too! I was a bit young also (like 13 years old at its peak), but I had the good fortune to grow up outside Chicago in the late 80's. I was exposed to Acid House and the early American Industrial scene coming out of the city because my friends' older brothers / sisters gave me white label recordings. Some even took me to meet them or rehearsals. My dad would also travel to Europe in the early 90's and come back with all kinds of Rave albums for me. He didn't know much about the scene, but he'd go to clubs and just straight out buy whatever the DJs were willing to sell! I ended up with weird amateur recordings - really awful stuff that are only good for torturing prisoners with. But sometimes you get that one amazing song that's worth sorting through the crap.

I had a 303 in the late 90's. You will have a blast, especially once you run it through various multi efect pedals. But the 303 required a lot of repairs, which wasn't cheap. I sold mine for $1,000 in 2001. I saw one a few weeks ago and the price has more than doubled. I guess they will keep going up - Roland didn't make that many of them to begin with.

I've heard really good things about the Cyclone TT303 that is being made in China. It costs only $700, which is an okay price if the build quality and sound is good. I'm curious to hear one in person, but I don't know anybody who has bought one yet.