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You can't handle the epicness .10

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OK! Hands down one my top 5 favorite playlists...
And I'll tell you why... First of all you have picked songs that rise slowly to their full epicness. This is a very important in arranging an epic playlist. Because if the music is loud and epic all the time, the listener will lose interest after a few minutes.
But the tracks you have picked are not like that. They give the listeners ears time to cool down (so to speak) before diving into the next epic journey. And I admire you for that.
The second reason I loved it is that, it introduced me to many new artists and companies. I was familiar with some of them (like TSFH, Immediate Music, and Audiomachine) but most them were new to me (like West One Music, or, High-Finesse Music.)
Thank you for this incredible mix, and I look forward the next ones.

Thanks dude. I am truly happy you enjoy it. I'm glad you love the new artists and of course the mix. This is the reason i do mixes :)

Your taste in music is GREAT!!! I haven't listened to the whole mix yet, but so far I have downloaded each and everyone of the tracks in your playlist... I think I'm going to have to listen to all of your mixes....

Thank you for this wonderful mix.