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For those late night study sessions


Finals, exams or tests are best studied for with a great mix! Includes a variety of music from all over the world (English, French, Korean etc~). A bunch of chill songs with upbeat tracks sprinkled in to keep you awake and singing along. Enjoy <3

  • Officially Missing You by 긱스 Geeks
  • americano by 10cm
  • Caffe Latte (Arpeggio Version) by Urban Zakapa
  • That XX by G-Dragon
  • wonderful tonight (unplugged remix) by B1A4
  • A Perfect Day (With Windy) (Forest 프로젝트 테마송) (2012.10.26) by 스탠딩 에그(Standing Egg)
  • The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill
7 tracks
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