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Thedas Plz

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so i have to say thank you for making this playlist because i listen to it when i'm pissed off at having to sort out the dwarves problems or dealing with kirkwall's shit or bears at the most inopportune times in the hinterlands, and it improves my mood exponentially-- i especially like the inclusion of 'IDGAF' bc god damn thats my feels

@DetectiveRoboMonkey omg thank you so much, I'm literally screaming rn I've found it's really fun to listen to while fighting Red Templars and OMG I KNOW about IDGAF, especially regarding the Winter Palace because omygod

@asspostate oh my goodness thank you so much~~ :D It really means a lot to hear you say that. Ngl literally everytime I listen to Business, I think of Hawke

@kitsune528 haha this playlist was too real! i was thinking of all 3 of my kids and it fit fuckin perf. ngl i was JAMMING out so hard listening it would be embarrassing to watch haha. thanks for making such an awesome playlist!!

@kitsune528 haha omg i will totally keep it in mind thanks! i have been wanting to make a playlist for my da ocs FOREVER but never gotten around to it lol. *clenches fist* i will one day. btw i have totally listened to this playlist like 168274999 more times lol, istg half those plays are from me