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we should feel like we are in love


"It's a realisation that makes time around her still, her heart beginning to beat in a staccato rhythm and the breath trapped in her lungs trying to break free. 'I'm in love with Stiles,' she thinks, perching herself at the edge of her bed in an attempt to cease the tremors in her limbs and allowing herself to imagine a future that involves holding hands and hugging and *kissing* -
Then she remembers Malia, and how she really likes Stiles and how he likes her too, and as she recalls that she's a few years too late Lydia feels her back hit the mattress, finally letting the air escape her in one long groan.
'I'm *so* screwed.'"

(12 tracks about a banshee's unrequited love for one M. Stilinski)

Tracklist is here: (:

12 tracks
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