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A Call To Arms: Kitty/Bobby

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01 Run - Daughter
(the fire is coming / so i think we should run)

02 Eavesdrop - The Civil Wars
(i just want your arms wrapped around me / in this moment before time runs out)

03 Bloodstream - Stateless
(i think i might've inhaled you / you've gotten into my bloodstream)

04 Run - Snow Patrol
(we'll run for our lives / even if you cannot hear my voice / i'll be right beside you dear)

05 Spanish Sahara - Foals
(i'll find you in the sand / wipe you clean with dirty hands)

06 Letters From The Sky - Civil Twilight
(you and i were made for this / i was made to taste your kiss / we were made to never fall away)

07 Dance On Our Graves - Paper Route
(i need you now / i need you more than ever before)

08 Down By The Water (Hurts Remix) - The Drums
(if you fall asleep down by the water / baby i'll carry you all the way home)

09 Draw Your Swords - Angus & Julia Stone
(you are mine / i am yours / you are the only one)

10 A Call To Arms - Laura Jansen ft. Ed Harcourt
(this is a call to arms / will you embrace me / before it's too late baby)

11 Tomorrow (Live at Air Studios) - Daughter
(don't bring tomorrow / because i already know / i'll lose you)

12 Together - The xx [Bonus Track: New Timeline]
(i can feel all the things you've ever felt before / it's like you knew me and all the things i couldn't say)