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Love Me By Daylight


A gray ghost mix. These two have a really great relationship dynamic, even if I personally cant headcanon it as working out long term..

Originally I wanted to name this mix "Love Me By Daybreak/Hate Me By Nightfall" but it felt too long so..

Cover art by me:

10 tracks
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This is amazing! Also, why wouldn't you see a long term relationship working out for them? I feel like Val is the only ship for danny where theres no awkward "Ugh okay go after that ghost Ill wait off screen and maybe help a little every 5min but yk I cant follow you when you fly up Im just a human" thing (like honestly thatd be so annoying on dates). Shed fight with him, they've been shown as

@confusedgerman I don't think there is /no way/ they could work out, only that I don't personally see them long term. (I actually ship Valerie with Danielle more!!) Thank you for your compliment! c: