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We can save the world together.


heavily Future Past influenced mix for my fav losers
I have endless love for them so it was only a matter of time before this happened

cover art by me

13 tracks
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damn. this is really good. like. i usually have more eloquent comments on mixes i genuinely really like bc tbh i don't Really Like all that many mixes, or not enough to comment, but this is just. really. really good. and the right amount of really sad but also vaguely hopeful and like. the whole thing gives off just the right atmosphere of like... holding your sword but your hand is shaking, but it's okay, because you can look over and so is his. which is absolutely the right feeling to have for these kids especially wrt future past, so. you nailed it. the songs are al great songs and good lyrically but the really exceptional thing here is that the atmosphere all just feels like them and that part of the story on a really kinda visceral level, and that's a vital quality to being a damn good mix that i think a lot of people really miss or fall short on. this is really, really lovely.

@tantamoq Oh wow, this is an amazing comment ;__; I am so so sooo glad those things came across because this is a mix I've wanted to make for a long time so a lot of heart went into it. So thank you so much, this really made my day!