Is this playlist safe for work?


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I would like to stress however that this is quite the playlist, masterful if i may be so bold :D Thank you sir or madam for putting it together :)

This is an excellently dark, ethereal, and heavy playlist but I can't help to be confused when the k-pop song by a group oddly named " urinals" comes on. Either you've got a particularly strange yet quite funny sense of humor, or this was all unintentional...

@Theodore H. Slothman dammit, sometimes 8tracks decides to just change sources for the songs I choose for no reason, this appears to be one of those times. Thanks for telling me, I'm now curious as to why a group called 'urinals' exists!

This is really super. I love the gritty rough sounds but ti's still very clearly crisp and techno. Great song choices!