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Songs You May Not Know (And Some You Do)


Just a mix of some songs from different kinds artists you may have never heard and need to! I also threw in a few more recognizable ones just to mix it up.

You can buy all these songs on iTunes. Enjoy!

23 tracks
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So glad to see Nolan McKelvey included here! He is much under-appreciated. I stumbled onto him when I downloaded the very, very excellent album, "Sound of the Crash." Was glad to hear a couple of songs from "A Matter of Time" for the first time (it's been in my 'wish list'). I saw where McKelvey has teamed up recently with some bluegrass group, but I much prefer his solo stuff. Also - thanks for the Steven Bell, another artist I had planned to investigate. Saw mention of his 'Kindness' CD on somebody else's website one time (Pierce Pettis or Brooks Williams website maybe). Anyway, thanks for a great mix :)