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Electric Currents Moving Through - Berlin


To captivate Berlin's soul is impossible in one mix alone. Berlin stands as the epitome of electronic music culture in all it's wonder and free spirited attitude.
However, glimpses and fragments of this wonderful city is audio-trayed in this special Moving Through mix. Enjoy...

For the intrigued is a nice documentary about the city´s history of electronic music.


16 tracks
6 comments on Electric Currents Moving Through - Berlin

I watched the documentary too, absolutely love that city. I went in 2008 and It was amazing. The guy that worked at the front desk of our hostel was like "you guys like drum and bass?" and took us to these underground abandoned flats turned into little clubs. It was crazy. Would really love to live out there.

Passing through Berlin in the summer of 97' I walked right into the crowd of the Love Parade by accident. I guess such moments just stays with you forever.