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fangs & fur

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Great mix, I tried doing something similar once :) Check it out and let me know what you think http://8tracks.com/parables/the-wolf

I don't have it up anywhere else at this point, but I wouldn't mind doing so. I don't really know where to put it up though? Where do ppl put them :/ Otherwise, you could check out the 8hacks program :) Glad you like!

ive seen most people put it up on either a hosting site like mediafire or 4shared, but others put it up on their tumblrs. I just checked out 8hacks and it says it has been shut down :(

Hi, this is just a site I found, (Which I of course, would never use myself, That's why it totally isn't bookmarked) that works for this stuff. Its: http://omgcatz.com/