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Sacred Naked Dream Beats


Sugar rhythms. Esoteric anthems. Grand grooves. Humanity. Inner bounce. Outer shine. One Tribe. Intriguing trip. Featuring: Rusted Root, David & Steve Gordon, Yuka Honda, etc. Get blissed.

25 tracks
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Every Friday night, I pour a hot bath, take a little something to get "mellow," bring a book, and find something interesting on 8 tracks, and float away. Many times it is one of your amazing and esoteric mixes. They are well constructed, intelligent, witty, transcendent, and inspiring. Tell me your story. You can't just be a hipster teenager with a computer. I am an old fart college professor in Toronto, who has a history of pop music course. Reveal yourself, knave. . . . lol

You're very kind, saying all of that. No. I don't think the term "hipster" could have ever applied to me, even when I was a teeny bopper. I'm a 45-year-old humanities teacher out in Albuquerque, New Mexico, quite some distance from lovely Toronto, and having been denied piano lessons in my childhood, I became an ardent aficionado of music in a manner outdistancing most peoples' interest. You figured out all by yourself, that I was a knave. :)