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Спасибо, Друже. Добрая музыка. А есть работы с АНС? очень уж сложная но интересная музыка на синтезаторе в Союзе выходила.

@totenkopfnod да, тут у меня выложен единственный сборник работ с АНС, имеющийся у меня

Incredible! Thank you for sharing this great music. As a huge fan of world cinema and Sci-fi, it would be great if you would share with me, some of the titles of these movies you featured in this mix, or just your personal top 5 of Russian Sci-fi movies :)

Thank you very much! Looks like 8tracks doesn't allow to add links to the comments...

Well, this mix features music from three titles: "Тайна третьей планеты", "Через тернии к звёздам" and "Полёт с космонавтом" (try this titles trough YouTube search - it have them in full length).

My personal choice in the "drama" sci-fi movies of USSR is:
1) Kin-dza-dza
2) Solaris
3) Stalker

Talking of the "old sci-fi for fun" I like: "Через тернии к звездам", "Москва-Кассиопея", "Отроки во вселенной", "Человек-амфибия", "Silent Star" (Poland), "In the Dust of Stars" (East German) (try YouTube search too!)

Thank you kmonk. I have seen the two Tarkovsky pictures, which I enjoyed very much, he was a sharp mind and a great artist. Kin-dza-dza I've heard good things about, I'll check it out soon.
Thanks for introducing me to all this music and these movies.