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"i'll bear the burden of your hate... and we'll die together."

a (mostly) instrumental final showdown fanmix for naruto and sasuke

a note of explanation - i feel like in the end, their last conflict would be much more emotional than it would be physical, hence the lack of action-y pieces and the abundance of orchestral music. i envisioned it as more of a battle of wills with a focus on the bond they share.

10 tracks
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I can't find the words for the things I feel when I listen to this! So, so amazing and spot-on. Wonderful job, thank you so much for this!

This is spectacular. Absolutely gorgeous track choices and elegant composition. Thank you so much for making this playlist! As soon as I discovered it, I kept it on repeat while I wrote the latter half of my Naruto fanfic. And, I have to say, I wrote much better while listening to your playlist! :P So, yes, thank you so much for providing my muse! Haha!

@Lagoriotango ohhhhh my gosh your comment just made my day!!!! i've been thinking about remaking this mix, or at least making a version 2, since i've found so many more instrumental pieces that fit this theme in the time since i published this one, but i'm so happy you like this mix as it is :') and i'm also glad that it helped you write your fic! thank you again for your kind words <3


I wonder why I haven't come across this mix before. It is just... perfect. Gosh I am a fan of orchestral music and this just... I don't know. At a lack of words.. it just touch my soul. Thank you so much. Thank you,

;A; oh my god this is the nicest comment ever! i'm so glad you like the mix, i was actually really worried because once i published it i had doubts about the order and flow of the songs but i guess each song is effective and moving no matter what the order is. i'm so glad you like it :) :) :)