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Art of Whisper


Dozen of indie folk/country tracks for talking around the fireplace these cold winter nights. Many new artists such as Half Moon Run, Megafaun, Lost in the Trees and others.

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*cover Girl With Finches by Ruben Ireland

30 tracks
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Where did this playlist vanish to for the last couple of days? I was so happy when I listened to it the first time, didn't write down any song names because I knew that I'd listen to it again, and when I came back and couldn't find it... man, that was stressful! xD

@Idril I also love Sons Of The East! Very good indie folk band with a great potential (did you include them into your australian folk mix?). This is was a little weird for me to add some non-american indie folk bands, but at the same time it inspires me for searching some marginal/unknown artists. For this reason I'm really thanks 8tracks and all users, for growing up in musical tastes.

@kmysko Yes I included 'Hold On' by Sons of the East' in my Australian folk mix! Yeah there are a lot of discoveries from lesser known artists out there - 8tracks definitely helps to find them!