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back to the renaissance


essential masterpieces from the most enigmatic and interesting period of the world culture.

*cover by Leonadro da Vinci. St. John the Baptist (1513-1516)

14 tracks
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I keep hearing "The Clergy's Lamentation" by Turlough O'Carolan in the refrain of "Lovely Joan / The Spirit Flies Free". It was driving me mad trying to figure out where I had heard it until I realized it can also be found in the video game "Fate" (! :)

Oh please tell me what is the title of the song of the third track? The one named Soundarya Lahari? I am in love with. Thank you :)

And btw, I LOOOOVE THIS PLAYLIST! Perfect for reading medieval-themed novels. :)

this amazing mix (+ mediaeval collection of yours) helps me to feel Renaissance spirit and to get ready for a seminar on the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
P.S. I can't stop admire you. I think you are one of the others here who makes really good, actually great, mixes. Thank you!

It is SO beautiful I get tears listening to it. I loved fnding out that one of my personal favorite Renaissance songs "Stella Splendens" had other words in "Soundarya Lahari "
Thank you for this mix!