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Aww you have me with the Chopin piece (Piano Concerto No.1)..I've played classical music since I was six so this is balm for my soul.. I was lucky to visit Chopin's home when I used to live in Poland years ago, love your mixes :)

nice! that's no secret that I do really like Bach and baroque music as well. and this piece is very relaxing, that's why I decided to include it into collection.

I enjoyed this classical and contemprary playlist once more today. Coup de cœur pour la petite pièce de Górecki et la jolie promenade de Dustin O'Halloran.
This music put me in a lovely quiet mood... Merci ❣ Always a pleasure to listen to your station.

thanks Sabine! always nice to know that you loved my selected tunes. as for Henryk Górecki, il a toujours été très sensible! you're absolutyely right, this collection is mostly oriented into special mood, rather on conception. thanks and have a nice weekend!

So many beautiful tracks. I used to live in the countryside and this makes me miss it. :( Classical music can really bring to mind a particular time and place so clearly. Thank you.

really? nice to know that this can provoke the best memories of your countryside life. I also do not like so much big city life, but without noise we cannot catch the spirit of nature. everything has it's own sense. thanks, it made me think seriously about a link between classical music and memory. I wonder what sort of classical will blow me away to the past times?..