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eastern classical


some of my favorite classical tracks, mostly chinese and japanese orchestral music. spectacular combination on chilly traditional rhytmes and modern western influences. epic eastern selection including Yasushi Akutagawa, Tan Dun and Joe Hisaishi.

japan piano

*cover by Ando Hiroshige

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Tracks from the Korra OST would blend perfectly with your playlist, I noticed. Thank you for posting, I come here regularly for some focus!

this is a complicated question. Said put into this concept more than one strict meaning, so I cannot be sure about the meaning what you say. but I am sure that my vision of East in some case is very biased, but without any superiority or scorn. I love oriental culture, so it's carefully shaped mix.

I agree.
Every day that I enjoy being able to hear and having all these other gifts to enable me to experience music (internet, a computer, the peace and time and so on) is a blessing. And every new playlist of your for me to discover is a gift.
THANK YOU and the best of wishes!

I'm so happy to know that! really, all these thankful words inspire me to share my favorite music (in right combination) with you. many thanks for comment, listening, following...