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huge package of epic classical tracks for dreaming, sleeping, fighting including Gustav Mahler, Maurice Ravel and Igor Stravinsky.

*cover by Pieter Bruegel. Hunters in the Snow (1565)

25 tracks
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I've been on a classical kick for the past month because I hear that listening to classical music while pregnant is good for the baby! I noticed that you've created quite a few of the playlists and wanted to say thank you for creating these mixes. They truly are fantastic playlists! I'm learning more about classical music each day and falling in love with so many of the pieces. I'm a big fan of most of the Russian/Soviet composers. And you also had a Bruegel cover so that's why I clicked on this one. Major props to you!

Hi, can I just ask you who the composer is of the very first piece on this playlist i.e. ´Links´? Fantastic playlist, great motivator for us university students. ;) Thanks.

it is a japanese composer Joe Hisaishi (Mamoru Fujisawa). he is well-known for his respective work with Hayao Miyazaki and Takeshi Kitano, having composed many of the scores for their films.
thanks for listening and your kind words! so glad to know that this mix can be as a moticator for students ;))

Oh, really! I didn´t realize that this was Hisaishi! I am a huge fan of Miyazaki, so this is pretty cool! Thank you for your reply. You really know your way around classical/classical contemporary music. ;)

Mmmm, loved this long and beautiful mix!
Your instrumental version of the Léo Delibes-'Flower Duet' was wonderful and new to me, as many other tunes.
My fav is the last tune from the so creative and important Terry Riley. Merci ! ☆★✫

thanks a lot for listening! I like Léo Delibes and all variations around his amazing music. I have a weakness for music of Romanticism era.
Yes, exactly! Last tune is very crative and hypnotizing. When I firstly met this track I immediately decided that it musr be in the end of some future mix ;)