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the largest part of epic classical series. this epic collection is mostly rooted in modernist aesthetics, but you can also find some baroque, romantic and avant-garde 33 tunes including Béla Bartók, Jean Sibelius and Toru Takemitsu.

*cover by Caspar David Friedrich. The Stages of LIfe (1835)

32 tracks
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I love that you included a track from Memoirs of a Geisha! I think it's one of John Williams' best soundtracks. Plus I read the book many years ago and have loved everything related to Memoirs of a Geisha ever since. :)
Anyway this whole mix is like a blood-stirring, beautiful, epic, exciting, intriguing journey. You really told a story with this mix! I also adore the picture with this one. Thanks for giving me an exciting afternoon listening to this!

thanks that you singled out Sibelius, Rachmaninoff and other equally important composers. I'm not sure if I planned to tell the story, but definitely planned to accomplish epic cycle. I have set the high standard in the first mix and therefore trying not to make something worse.
as for picture, for me is just a painful process of choosing the right cover (the most accurate picture!) for collection. so I can change the cover for many times in first days until not stop at one. yeah, meaningless perfectionism. thank you for such distinctive listening! )

as for Friedrich, we can see that the figures are echoed by five ships shown in the harbour, each at a different distance from the shore. it's an allegorical reference to the different stages of human life, to the end of a journey, to the closeness of death. I think Caspar David Friedrich made a powerful symbol that still intrigues our minds.

And I think no 'epic classical' collection could be complete without Rachmaninoff's No. 2 in C minor. One of the most incredible pieces of music ever written in my opinion.