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extra coffee time


the sequel of coffee shop time collection. extra indie hours of talking/writing/studying in coffee shop. also perfect for spending time with your favorite person.

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This is such an incredible playlist. Walks in the park, drawing, working, and reading music. Perfection, thank you.

All of your playlists are amazing. For the next few weeks, I'll be listening to all of your playlists because it seems our taste in music align. Love it!

This is the perfect playlist to soothe me into Autumn/Winter! I never comment but I have listened to this all the way through and loved every track. Ideal!

it's like wandering through a gallery of unfamiliar portraits. at some level it doesn't matter you don't know the people--because they are people, and the feelings and experiences written on their faces are universal--but all the more pleasing for the newness of it all.

i have absolutely no idea how you can possibly be out there surveying new acquisitions for your collection of music, but i'm extremely grateful (^_^)