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family duty honor

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kmysko - your mixes are so wonderful- different, vibrant, engaging. They are actually all I listen to now. Just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you!
I have lost musics and in my old backups, i´m glad because here i find some of them. Beautiful work in find and organize this musics. I´m following you because your playlists make my days more happy with good musics.

so...when i saw you'd posted i really REALLY wanted to click and listen immediately, but i held back because i knew that the joy of the first listen would be an excellent way to ease into monday morning.

i was not disappointed.

there are many ways to describe the impact of music...but i'm going to go with the impact of its absence. for just over an hour i've been enjoying track after track of sound that soothed away the pain of being back at the office, while also waking up sleepy neurons. when it stopped, i stopped. the silence was jarring...and my office turned more antiseptic and unwelcoming. i'm considering now whether to re-start it and let 8tracks shuffle the order...or whether to go back to earlier mixes in the series. a very pleasant dilemma to be considering (^_^)

oh, if someone ever known how much I love your comments! they're like short stories with unique atmosphere. so, one more mix for dreaming in your office. and I really glad you're not dissapointed. thank you very much for your impressions! take care.