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fire and blood


finally the next part of epic collection! these 30 tracks are combined according to the second season Game of Thrones and the second book as well, but it can also be a good background for reading the whole cycle of Songs of Ice & Fire.

winter is coming
ours is the fury
hear my roar
family duty honor

30 tracks
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Extremely wonderful mix. It has an astounding connection to Martin's world of characters and themes. Great for the concentration and the mood. Love your playlist!

I'm so glad you've mentioned about the connection to Martin's world. it was the main goal for this mix (I mean to find and add only the most close tracks). well, it wasn't so easy but still there is a result. thank you very much for listening!

This kept me company as I got through A Feast for Crows. It was brilliant - added to the mood delightfully! The pages simply flew past! Now off to Dance with Dragons, and guess what I'll be listening to again? xD

hi m frm india and i dnt think that many ppl frm tge country knw this site; am part of the cruel corporate world of growing india and boss is a dickhead i did watch all episodes f game f thrones nd winter is my fav season nd winter is slowly aporoaching in north india and the playlist iz a bit grungy but the mood is good nd i hv also been reading gi gurdejiff ; lethbridge nd likes i wish so much dat i can just shift to europe and it wud b the best , hope u mix more cheerz