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Folk meets Classical


when folk meets classical we can see magical dance between secular and sacred, ethnic and academic worlds with bright sparkles, delicate tones and echoes. one song picks up another including such great persons as Lhasa De Sela, Osvaldo Golijov and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

21 tracks
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I love classical and folk music (im from Mexico) but these aren't my favorite genres. Even so this is so far, my favorite mix of all 8tracks. You should keep doing mixes like this. What about a Folk meet classical II ?

What a wonderful, beautiful, eclectic mix. How do you even find these beautiful songs, even know they exist? Thank you!

what can I say? there is no one strict way for searching. sometimes music finds you in its own way. thank you! really glad you liked it!

Wow, what an amazing mix. I loved every minute of this - it's like you were reading my mind! My favourite soundtrack (The Fountain) and my favourite Mozart piece and so so many others I love and haven't heard before but now love as well. And it's very very well put together as well, the fusion of classical and folk really does work.

I never thought that this mix will be so interesting to people! just decided to combine two seemingly opposite poles in the music and find a common point of intersection.
thanks that you mentioned Detektivbyrån and Mercan Dede. I do really like his idea "when you put digital electronic sounds together with hand-made, human ones, you can create universal language". I wonder what does it mean universal language? and Dede brings to the answer to this question.
as for me, I prefer ethno/folk music in this mix because I think I couldn't find exact classical tracks (in other "classical mixes"I have included better tunes). still, everyone will find something for his world.
thanks a lot for these comments and listening! glad you've found this collection exciting for yourself. this is the best promotion for me!