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one more collection of extremely relaxing and calm classical. golden is a color of kings and queens, alchemists, lovers... check out some other colors of classical!

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*cover by Gustav Klimt. The Kiss (1907–1908)

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As a lot of your playlists, tracks are placed and choose as a ensemble that fits perfectly together! I was feeling like I was in a dream all that time. Thank you again.

Metamorphosis was a pleasant surprise for me, it's been in the back of my mind for weeks but hearing it out loud helped me find that tranquility again. Thanks for sharing another beautiful playlist.

As always, lovely. Especially enjoyed Rachmaninoff's Lilacs. On a side note, have you listened to Max Richter's recompositions of the Four Seasons? What are your thoughts?

yeah, I also love Lilacs! as for Max Richter album, this is one of the best interpretations of Vivaldi so far. really enjoyed this one! especially love how Richter incorporated some minimalist tones into baroque world.