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grand symphonies


one more epic and breathtaking collection of various symphonical masterpieces with some piano pieces for your dreaming, studying and writing.

great symphonies

*cover by Unknown British Artist. Detail from Portrait of an Elizabethan Woman, 1600.

13 tracks
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Hi Kmysko, I follow you since a while and even if I still can't pronounce your name, you are my F?/$"king hero in classical mixes. For each mix you made, you always achieve to have a magnificent chemistry of feelings, sounds and artists. Thanks for all those listening/discovery quality hours.

haha, this is really not so easy to pronounce my nickname! I'm so glad to hear your words and such comments give me cosmic energy for creating next mixes, next worlds. thank you very much!

Is delightful finding your playlist... Always waiting for a new one, I love them all. Thank your for giving me this lovely music, is perfect for my work, my day, my life...

I'm so glad you liked this one! I just had some tracks+well-known classical pieces and decided to unite them in some idea. but before this was this weird and beatiful cover. it inspired me! thanks for your kind words and following.

I understand perfectly when you say the beautiful cover inspired you, I´ve notice that all your covers are extremely attached to the music in the playlists... For me it has been quite interesting as well, all of them are really beautiful and adds up to your work. Congratulations!!!