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harp waves

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The harp really is such a beautiful instrument. Great collection, I was very happy to hear the wonderful Tara Jeff and there are loads of beautifully calming moments in here. Excellent job once again! And I agree with MrHyde, it is a beautiful picture, possibly my favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting.

agree! I've surprised that you mentioned Tara Jeff, because she's not so popular or known. no doubt, Pre-Raphaelite painting is one of the most intriguing and mysterious phenomenon in the history of art. thanks a lot for listening and comment!

I had a Tara Jeff album on my old computer and hearing this reminded me of her! I am going to salvage that album and put it on my new computer now. I know she's not well known at all; it's a shame. I know her because I've had a longtime love, ever since I discovered Azam Ali, of Oriental style music, especially female vocalists. Also along similar lines, but more fairy-style and delicate perhaps, is Sufi singer (she also plays with harp) Yasmeen Amina Olya. She's very hard to find, but she's so ethereal and lovely.

wow, that's really an interesting story with this singer! I've already known about Azam Ali, but Yasmeen Amina Olya is terra incognita for me. still, I luckily downloaded only one her album - Yasmeens Song. I hope that will add one more song to this mix. thanks for this rare harpist!