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Heroes & Monsters


Deluxe fantasy/fairytale collection with the most relaxing, atmospheric, and even mystical tracks for those who wants to stay in the magic world of heroes and monsters forever.

*cover by James Jean for Fables series

55 tracks
7 comments on Heroes & Monsters

Oh wow, the track For The Realm is beautiful.. Where is it from??? This is another brilliant playlist that isn't 'intensive' or epic btw ;)

I've changed my mind. This is the best fantasy playlist I've ever heard :))))) Perfect in every way! But the cover art lets it down somewhat... Maybe you should put up something better?

@pkmob Oh, I'm glad you stopping by! Actually, this type of fantasy mix us one of my favorites, so I wanted to create something at least for myself. As for pic, this mix was started from this comic cover, and then it probably changed the whole mood trajectory. There will be more fantasy mixes, so I hope to be more careful in choosing covers ;)

@kmysko Well, if this fantastic music was inspired by this picture then I have no complaints :) Haha, I should have guessed, GoT has one of the best soundtracks in movies and television.. I love Ramin Djawadi's work.. Isn't he the composer? Who is Salim Daima?