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inside our dreams


25 dreamy, sad and melancholic tracks including music by Nils Petter Molvær, Zbigniew Preisner and Bersarin Quartett.

In dreams begins responsibility.
~William Butler Yeats

*cover by Pablo Picasso. Woman with Folded Arms (1902)

23 tracks
6 comments on inside our dreams

Liked very much your melancholic choice and the Picasso-picture is perfect to illustrate it.
(Was glad to find "La girafe" here :)
Special mention to Sylvain Chauveau and Max Richter.
Merci pour cette belle tristesse.

yeah, I used this art from "blue period" in order to underline the main idea of this mix.
...and I've been obsessed with "Le Girafe" since I heard it for the first time! It is one of the best song I discovered this month and fall as well. thank you a lot!
Merci pour le commentaire et votre soutien! ☺