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Knights and their Queens


Large and carefully selected collection of medieval, classical and instrumental tunes that return you to times of knights and their queens.

*cover by Frederick William Burton. The Meeting On The Turret Stairs [fragment].

30 tracks
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wow, how on earth do you manage to know all this music?? Any advices to learn about music history? thanks for the playlist, it's great <3

I've decided to start at the beginning and over the next few days listen through your 'history of music'! Of course, always nice to be back in the Middle Ages. And the beautiful cover art to this mix is by a painter who was born in Corofin, which was the closest village to where I lived during half my childhood :)

well, it might be a very long journey. over 17 hours of classical music! as you see there are no mixes before medieval times and I'm going some day to create something like always @acoustic ecology is doing in his ancient-tribal-wild mixes.

I also like the cover and this mix is very special for me. don't really know why but I feel that when I was doing this I was like in this story painted by Frederick William Burton. and of course, I'm pleasantly surprised to know about your place of childhood. it makes one more stroke in the light of my recent reading of Peter Ackroyd's brilliant novel Chatterton.

Well, 17 hours will stretch over the next few days :) It will be a musical odyssey. I am already up to the baroque era and enjoying greatly your delicate, sensual selections.

Yes, of course the Middle Ages is not necessarily the beginning of the tale ... @acoustic ecology does have the best ancient world mixes, without a doubt. I'd love to hear what you could compile for the ancients as well!

Oh yes, I've been meaning to read some Peter Ackroyd. I hope I shall get around to it soon.

musical odyssey is such a right word! and it's nice to hear that you're waiting for baroque period. it's my favourite one! your last baroque mix was very popular in my circle of friends (who love this kind of music of course).
and I have no idea what it could be! I definitely need some inspiration for them.
Peter Ackroyd is simply the best in modern authors who try to reconstruct the spirit of epoch (The Lambs of London is my favorite one, but probably it's not his best work for many).